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Our guarantee is to produce fast results with great customer service. We are strictly commission with no set up fees or hidden charges!

We guarantee that once we receive your accounts for collections, we will, within two business days or less: 1) Enter your accounts into our system. 2) Skiptrace through our national database for the most current, up to date address, phone and social security numbers. 3) Send our first collection agency letter demanding payment in full or an acceptable payment plan. 

We guarantee that all letters and phone calls made to collect your money will be done in a legal, proper and courteous manner. 

These accounts, at your choice, can be immediately reported to the credit bureaus or, following our normal protocol, reported at the 30 day mark to give your patients time to pay what is owed after our letters and calls have had a chance to work. 

We guarantee that, if at any time you are not happy with our services or response time to your requests, you have the right to cancel your service with us with a 30-day written notice and only owe us commission on payments that come in within two months after receipt of that notice. 

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