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Early-Out Program

Sending statements to your patients on time and following up with them on payment options will reduce your A/R dramatically.  If your office has a high volume of statements each month, but you do not want to hire more staff, invest in the proper software or maintain your statements in house, FMS is the solution for you.  We are a full-service billing provider, experienced in processing any type of statements your office may have. We will get you results!

Whether it is self-pay, insurance claims or monthly statements, our team of experienced professionals can reduce your overhead and accelerate your cash flow! Our billing services are 100% effective! We use the latest software available to process and allocate your statements to your patients.  They will receive a bill from us but on your letterhead, with a clear, easy to read explanation of what is owed. Our experienced staff will then continuously follow-up with your patients, in a courteous manner, until your money is received. 

Fidelity Medical Services is fully trained and experienced to meet your billing needs!

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