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Medical Collections

Whether we are working for a single doctor practice, or a hospital, or any size healthcare organization, the services we provide help our clients improve their financial bottom line by reducing accounts receivables. 

Fidelity is a results orientated Medical Collection Agency with an outstanding professional group of Account Representatives, Medical Collectors and Billing Personnel. Our excellent staff produces a collection rate much higher than the industry average. (Please see our chart below). We realize the importance of getting the job done, while maintaining good relations between you and your patients. 

Our highly trained team uses the latest technology and we operate in a professional and courteous manner. We work strictly on commission and you will be very happy with our results and customer service!

A brief description of our procedures:

We guarantee that your accounts will be worked quickly, professionally and with utmost courtesy. 1) When we first receive your accounts, they immediately go into our system. Next, our system checks and verifies all contact information through a national database. This gives us the latest and most current address, phone number, social security number and date of birth of the individuals we will be contacting to collect your money.  2) A first notice is printed and mailed demanding payment in full and also stating that if payment in full is not possible, then contact us to establish a payment plan. 3) One week later, if no contact, then the accounts are transferred to the collectors who begin making phone calls in order to receive payments by check, credit card or any other method possible. 4) If no payment or payment plan is established within 30 days, we will report them to the credit bureaus. 5) We continue with a series of letters and phone calls until payment is made. 6) At your descretion, we will recommend, for your approval, legal proceedings  if the above actions produces no results.

 Key Features: 

  • Fees as low as 15%
  • We work strictly on commission
  • No set up fees
  • No risk 30 day cancellation agreement Modern courteous FDCPA/HIPAA compliant procedures
  • Early outs/Pre-collections
  • Skiptracing and asset identification
  • Customized Reporting
  • Credit Reporting
  • Bad Check Collection Specialists
  • On line access to your accounts
  • Insurance claim refilling
  • Free FedEx pickup
Remittances submitted monthly/more often if you desire

The chart below shows the typical Collection Agencies' decreasing expected rate of return asaccounts are aging.  However, our return rates and ratios have always been historicallyhigher.




Bonded, Licensed and Insured

 A+ Rating


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